What the hell is sound bath??

In our fast paced and busy society, where we constantly feel like we don’t have enough time, people strive for ways to slow down and take a breath. But sometimes the thought of even climbing onto a yoga mat feels like too much effort! That’s where the deeply relaxing and holistic form of meditation: sound bath, comes in.

Sound bath is an ancient form of meditation, where the recipient is guided into a deep state of relaxation by being bathed in soothing vibrations played from crystal singing bowls. But before you roll your eyes, there is a lot of science to back this up! Each crystal bowl is tuned to a frequency of various parts of the body and helps you drop into your theta brainwave, the state between sleep and wakefulness. This restorative state allows the mind to quieten, inhibits the stress response and melts tension. It’s much more than a string of beautiful sounds.

According to Quantum Physics everything is energy with its own vibrational frequency. From the smallest molecule to the Universe. When we become ill, stressed, anxious, fearful, or tense, it creates an imbalance in our cells and organs. We become out of sync with our natural vibration. This makes us vibrate at a lower frequency.

The crystal singing bowls are tuned to a frequency that helps bring the body back into homeostasis (optimal balance). Their sound vibrations impact our nervous system, engaging our relaxation reflex (through the parasympathetic nervous system and vagus nerve response), inhibiting stress and even pain. This also brings you into the theta brainwave, allowing the body to heal and truly restore.

See video below to be wowed by how sound truly affects matter and us.

The list of benefits is extensive, but the main ones are:

· Inhibits stress and anxiety

· Reduces feeling of overwhelm

· Decreases chronic pain and fatigue.

· Improves sleep quality.

· Boosts energy and lifts mood

· Increases focus and clarity

· Brings you back into balance in mind, body, and spirit.

I have always adored sound bath! All you have to do is lie back and receive. Recently, I really discovered

how incredibly healing how it can be, when, within 3 months I had Covid TWICE and a 10-day flu that I could not seem to shake. There were weeks when I could barely lift my head off my pillow and the exhaustion was debilitating. My GP and I were concerned my long covid had come back and was told all I could do was rest and wait & see. Frustrated with this attitude, I added sound bath with guided meditation to my daily routine and slowly saw my energy returning steadily. I learned to embrace the rest instead of viewing it as punishment, release long held stress and saw a huge improvement in my quality of sleep. I played sound bath while napping and found I awoke more refreshed, upbeat, and able to achieve more. I have gone from strength to strength since adding the sound bath to my daily routine and now I am 10 days post covid and almost back to myself. I truly cannot say enough good things about it.

Sound bath is so much more than a string of beautiful sounds. It’s an invitation to slow down, let go and breathe- something we desperately need in our society! Perfect for when you need a deeply relaxing holistic experience that requires no effort on your part. All you have to do is lie back and receive. It’s safe and suitable for all ages from 0-100, plenty of science to back it up, and is even safe during pregnancy. Join me this month for the start of our online group sound bath on Wednesday 13th July (2022) at 7pm. I am so excited to offer these sessions as I have already seen the incredible impact sound bath has had on my students. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Also available as 1-1 sessions online and in-person.

I look forward to helping you on your journey to sound bath where you will learn sound can go where no medicine can.

P.S. Kids also love it!


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