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Mindset Coaching

1-1 Private Session

A custom 1:1 coaching experience to help you to breakthrough limiting beliefs, forgive & release the past and become the best version of yourself, to live life the way YOU need and want.

In a supportive environment, you will learn to:

  • Awaken your most authentic self

  • Discover your inner strength 

  • Learn holistic tools to support you in every aspect of your life.


Together we will design a strategic map to help optimise your time, and energy.

Each session will be tailored to your unique needs and can involve a combination of coaching, mindset design, meditation, grounding practices, calming breath techniques, and aromatherapy.

I look forward to watching you live life full of happiness, confidence and resilience. 

Available: In-person in Daviot, Inverness or Online through Zoom


Price: 75-minute session £42.

Disclaimer: This is NOT therapy or counselling. Nor can I diagnose or treat any mental health disorders. Please consult a medical professional if this is what you are looking for. 

yoga mandala


"Change your mindset, change you life"