“Self-care through the 7 chakras”


Yoga to restore your body, calm the mind and light up your soul.


In these supportive community classes, we come together to move, breathe, practise, and grow together in a fun and relaxed environment. Each week all 3 classes will explore one of the seven chakras, with a mindset and a focus area. For example: Heart chakra, “I am willing to forgive and be forgiven” and the focus area is the chest.


Adults of all ages and abilities, including complete beginners are very welcome. I offer lots of modifications and variations to each pose to make the classes as accessible as possible. I understand that not every pose works for everyone due to variable anatomy and my classes celebrate our differences.


No fancy props or previous experience needed.


Classes are live online through Zoom so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home. A recording is sent to everyone after the class if you want to repeat the session or if you cannot make it live. This allows you to easily fit the classes in & around your schedule.


Try your first class for just £3, when you sign up to our monthly newsletter.

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MONDAY 7pm (70 minutes).
WEDNESDAY 10am (30 minutes).


Relief from knots & tension through the 7 chakras!

In this short and innovative yoga therapy class, we use self-massage and yoga to help eradicate tension, release muscular knots, improve mobility, and boost your energy through the 7 chakras.


Each class offers a perfect blend of yoga and deep tissue massage using therapy or tennis balls, with the option to stay on for a 10-minute relaxing meditation at the end. By working along the fascia, you will learn just how connected the body truly is and how to manage injuries.

Ideal for people short on time, who need a reliable and instant fix!

3 week block: £15    (£5 a class)

Drop in rate: £7

Dates: December 1st, 8th and 15th.

yoga mandala
A woman doing yoga camel pose for beginners flexibility


Relief from back pain through the 7 chakras!


In these full body routines learn to stretch and strengthen your whole back and spine to deeply release physical tension while balancing your energy through the 7 chakras. This holistic approach is key to reducing, managing, and preventing back pain.


These classes offer a gentle challenge in a supportive environment with plenty of modifications to tailor the practise to suit your unique body. Each class consists of a mix of yoga styles, core work & mobility exercises, all finished off with a deeply relaxing meditation.


A beautiful holistic approach to eliminating pain

3-week block: £21    (£7 a class). 

Drop in rate: £9

Dates:  November: 1st, 8th, 15th and 29th.

December: 6th and 13th.

A woman dong yoga deer pose to unwind & relax
FRIDAY 7pm (60 minutes).


Relief from stress through the 7 chakras!

In this collection of deeply relaxing classes, we will unwind and release physical and mental tension through the 7 chakras, relieve muscular aches along the whole back & spine, and reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

Using long held yin yoga poses, thought provoking mindsets & specialised breathing practices with plenty of modifications to suit all abilities. Enhance every moment on your mat with a complimentary beautiful blend of essential oils.

Be refreshed & restored for whatever the next week brings!

3 week block: £21   (£7 a class) FREE 5ml essential oil blend plus free UK postage.

Drop in rate: £9 (Does not include oils).

Dates: November: 5th, 12th and 19th.

December: 3rd, 10th and 17th.

Important: You will be gifted a free  5ml aromatherapy rollerball when you sign up to your first Unwind block of classes. If you stay in the classes, then just let me know when you run out, and I will top you up or send you another 5ml blend, free of charge. The bottle lasts for an average of 8-10 weeks. Recycling programme for the bottles is available. 

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Glow Tickets

I am delighted to offer this initiative to make yoga as accessible as possible. If you would like to join my classes after your initial £3 trial or you have been a student previously, but your finances have been hit hard, then this is for you.

Each month you can join one LIVE class of your choice for just £2 with a glow ticket.


One glow ticket per person per block of classes and when spaces are available.

(No recordings, essential oils or any other discounts are included in this offer).


How to access: When you receive the monthly class schedule email, message me that you would like to buy a glow ticket. Please specify which LIVE class day and time you would prefer. I will message you the day before offering you a space, or if one isn’t available, I will offer alternative dates and if you still want to join, its £2. I do not need to know why your finances have been affected, this service is 100% confidential and you will receive the same love and support as everyone else.