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“We are what we think.
All that we are arises from our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.”
                                                         - Buddha.    

7 Chakra Collection
yoga mandala
yoga mandala
Chakra description

7 Chakra Collection

Seven chakras essential oils

Awaken the senses, change your mindset and live life to the full.  

This specialised aromatherapy collection will allow you to balance, heal and unblock your energy through the 7 chakras using beautiful essential oils and powerful mindsets. Each blend has been specifically designed to support the health and balance of the chakra, and allow  you to find a moment of calm whatever the circumstances. Read the short description of each chakra and choose the blend that resonates most with your needs and desires.


 But what are the chakras? Powerful energy centres (nerves) known as the 7 chakras, run along our spine and affect every aspect of our lives. Each chakra relates to specific organs, as well as various emotional and psychological states. The chakra system shows us that energy flows along the spine and teaches us the powerful connection between the mind and body. Each chakra’s energy flows into one another- starting at the root (low back) and rising to the top (crown of the head). Like any system it can become unbalanced or blocked. But using aromatherapy and mindsets allows us to bring the body back into balance.

Enhance every moment of your day and activate the healing power of the chakras. 

Each blend is presented in a beautiful glass bottle with the colour matching its chakra and embossed silver label. Includes affirmation card of your own personalised mindset. 


£14 per 10ml bottle plus free postage.

£91 for entire collection (7x10ml) plus free postage.

root chakra or muladhara watercolor painting
sacral chakra or swadhisthana watercolor painting
solar plexus chakra or manipura watercolor painting
heart chakra or anahata watercolor painting
throat chakra or vishuddha watercolor painting
third eye chakra or ajna watercolor painting
crown chakra or sahasrara watercolor painting

Root Chakra:

Grounded. Feel safe and secure in an ever-changing world.

Frankincense, Ho Leaf, Lavender and Bergamot

Sacral Chakra:

Passion. Allow yourself to create and play just for the joy of it.

Ylang Ylang, Orange, Rosewood, and Jasmine.

Solar Plexus Chakra:

Value. Realise you are a worthy of love, success and happiness.

Lemon, Juniper, Pine and Cedarwood.

Heart Chakra:

Gratitude. Discover joy, affection and connection in everyday life.

Rose Geranium, Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang.

Throat Chakra:

Self-expression. Enjoy expressing yourself in loving and creative ways.

Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Lime.

Third Eye Chakra:

Intuition. Trust your inner guide to lead you to the life you desire.

Juniper, Marjoram, White Fir and Cypress.

Crown Chakra:

Connection. Learn to understand your connection to the universe and Divine.

Frankincense, Myrrh, Ho Leaf and Kanuka.

All essential oils I use are organic, pure, and none of them are tested on animals.

I am a clinical aromatherapist with over 12 years of hands- on experience. If you have any health conditions or concerns about a particular essential oil, please get in touch for a personalised blend to suit your individual needs.


Please note that jojoba oil may be used in the blend which is a nut oil. If you have an allergy, please let me know at the time of purchase so I can use an alternative oil of your choice.

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