Hi lovely!

I am Fi, the business owner and founder of Supple Spine Yoga. I am a holistic yoga teacher and therapist specialising in the spine, stress, chakras and aromatherapy. I love my job!


I got into yoga for one simple reason: to help my massage clients reduce their back pain and stress and to delay them needing to see me. Back pain is so prevalent in society with over 85% of people experiencing it at some point in their life. With most of my training being about the back and spine, I found that my classes exploded in popularity whenever this was the focus as I have so much to offer my students with my years of hands-on experience.

As my teaching progressed, I discovered adding essential oils, mindsets and chakra theory took the practice beyond just physical and I saw people having major shifts in their attitudes to stress, worries and anxiety. And my magic formula was born.


I can’t wait to practise with you and watch you live life full of happiness, confidence and ease of movement.


My teaching style


Is a fusion of anatomy-based yoga with chakra theory, all enhanced with essential oils. I love designing simple but highly effective sequences to manage the health of your back and spine. One student lovingly calls my style Yinyasa, lots of yin poses that flow effortlessly into one another.


With my advanced anatomy background, I safely guide my students with a fresh perspective and understanding of their bodies, with gentle adaptations to help them realise how capable they are. Yoga truly is for everyone.

Fi, a yoga instructor, back pain specialist & aromatherapist smiling & sitting on a log in Inverness.

Main qualifications


Psychology and Biology/Anatomy HND (2009) incl. stress management.

Clinical Aromatherapy HNC (2010) Aromatherapy and the 7 Chakras (2014)

12 massage qualifications (2010-2018) Thai Yoga Massage (2016)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Training based on the Vodder Method (2012)

Restorative and Flow Yoga Teacher Training (2018)

Yin Yoga and Advanced Anatomy 200hr Teacher Training. Dhugal Meachem (2019)

Yoga Medicine 5 Elements Yoga Training. Tiffany Cruickshank (2020)

Myo Yin and Myofascia Therapy Ball 20hr Teacher Training. Carol Man (2020)

Breath and Bliss Immersion Yoga Tune Up. Jill Miller (2020)

Your Spine, Your Yoga (2021)