Hi lovely!

I am Fi, the business owner and founder of Supple Spine Yoga. I am originally from the South of Ireland but have been happily living in Scotland for 14 years. I am a sound bath healer, yoga teacher, aromatherapist, holistic therapist and mindset coach. My goal is to help you manage stress, anxiety, and fatigue. We are not meant to live in a constant state of stress & overwhelm and you don’t have to.

Allow me to teach you how to set stress down, soothe an overwhelmed mind and increase your energy levels so you can live the life you want and deserve.


One of my favourite therapies to share is sound bath. This deeply restorative and relaxing therapy can go where no other medicine can. I know first-hand how incredible it can be when it helped me recover from severe fatigue and anxiety after a long illness.

Each crystal bowl is tuned to a frequency of various parts of the body and helps you drop into your theta brainwave, the state between sleep and wakefulness. This restorative state allows the mind to quieten, inhibits the stress response and melts tension. It’s much more than a string of beautiful sounds. All you have to do is lie back and receive.


I have been working with clients with pain and stress for over 12 years, have thousands of hours of hands-on experience and all my qualifications are in pursuit of helping you live life full of happiness, confidence, and ease of movement.


I can’t wait to help you on this journey!


Fi, a yoga instructor, back pain specialist & aromatherapist smiling & sitting on a log in Inverness.

Main qualifications


  • Sound Bath: Crystal Alchemy Training (2022)

  • Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapy Training (2021). Ali Young.

  • Your Spine, Your Yoga (2021) Bernie Clarke

  • Breath and Bliss Immersion Yoga Tune Up. Jill Miller (2020)

  • Myo Yin and Myofascia Therapy Ball 20hr Teacher Training. Carol Man (2020)

  • Yoga Medicine 5 Elements Yoga Training. Tiffany Cruickshank (2020)

  • Yin Yoga and Advanced Anatomy 200hr Teacher Training. Dhugal Meachem (2019)

  • Restorative and Flow Yoga Teacher Training 200hr (2018)

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Training based on the Vodder Method (2012)

  • Thai Yoga Massage and Thai Foot Reflexology (2016)

  • 12 massage qualifications (2010-2018)

  • Aromatherapy and the 7 Chakras (2014)

  • Clinical Aromatherapy HNC (2010)

  • Active listening and emergency counselling support training for Night Line (2009)

  • Psychology and Biology/Anatomy HND (2009) incl. stress management. Glasgow Caledonian University.