“The human body is built for resilience to stress and illness but without disciplined rest and recovery, the daily grind can leave us depleted physically and emotionally. Self-care is critical for healing, adaptation and body harmony” 

- Jill Miller, Breath and Bliss Immersion course
yoga mandala
yoga mandala
Glowing spine showing how the spine is the foundation of the body.

Yoga Therapy

For back aches, injuries and pain.

You deserve to live a life free from pain and injury.


Over 85% of people will experience back pain or injury at some point in their life. I am here to support and teach you, simple but effective techniques to manage this pain and start your journey to recovery. Learn yoga modified specifically for your body, corrective mobility exercises to allow you to enjoy movement again, core work to strengthen your whole back, improve your posture & breathing techniques to manage pain & improve recovery.

Your session will start with a thorough consultation, taking a holistic approach to your health. After this I will design a bespoke session or programme to help you achieve your goals.

Learn to enjoy movement again and live life to the full.


Single session: 75 minutes personalised session £42

Yoga therapy programme: 3x 75 minutes personalised sessions and your programme will be emailed to you after the final session so you can always refer to it. £120.


Back To Balance

Bring your body back to balance through the 7 chakras.

In this bespoke session, learn to stretch and strengthen your whole back and spine to deeply release physical tension while balancing your energy through the 7 chakras. Using flowing movement, yin yoga, breath, and beautiful mindsets, all enhanced through aromatherapy- to create whole body, mind, and soul wellbeing.


At a short initial consultation, we will identify which of your 7 chakras need to be balanced and I will offer an aromatherapy blend and personalised mindset to enhance your practice. The entire session will be adapted for your unique needs and is suitable for everyone of all abilities. Ideal for managing times of stress, exhaustion, anxiety, grief, sleep issues and sadness.


Balancing the chakras will strengthen your body, nurture your heart and soothe your mind.



Single 75 minutes session: Includes 2ml sample blend from the 7 chakra collection plus free postage. £42.

Back to Balance programme: 3x 75 minutes sessions, 10ml beautiful aromatherapy blend from the 7 chakra collection (worth £14) plus 2ml sample of another chakra blend and free postage. £120.

A ranbow flower, showing the balance of the seven chakras.
Myofascial Release MFR or self-massag with therapy balls.

Roll & Restore

Time for a back massage!

In these personalised sessions, learn to roll out muscular knots and tension in your back, neck and shoulders, to restore motion and eliminate pain using a technique called myofascial release (MFR).


This safe and very effective hands- on technique utilises rubber or tennis balls as a fantastic self-massage tool to sink into the deeper layers of your connective tissues to reach the knots and adhesions of the muscles. Because they can be easily manoeuvred you can reach areas of the body that otherwise would be difficult to reach yourself such as your back and shoulders, allowing you to easily manage aches, pains, and knots from the comfort of your own home.


I will also teach you simple breathing techniques so you can learn to relax your muscles, manage pain and switch off stress.


You will feel like you’ve just had a massage!


Single session: 75 minute personalised session  £42

Roll & Restore programme: 3x 75 minute sessions, includes self massage tool to suit your needs to keep and free postage. £120


Bespoke Service

I will be very happy to design you a unique programme that is tailored to your individual needs combining some or all of the above elements.

Or you may be interested in a semi-private session catering to a small group of your loved ones.

Please get in touch for an individualised quote.

Yoga Class

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