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Welcome to my studio

Hi! My name is Fionnuala.

But you can call me Fi! 


Did you know that your spine is one of the most important structures in your body when it comes to your health and quality of life?


Often, we forget about our back and spine UNTIL we experience pain or injury.

Think of your spine as the foundation of your “house”- the body that you have been given to carry around your soul/spirit. This gets more important as we age.  Any weakness in the foundation can stop it supporting you, leading to pain and reduced mobility.

This profound impact on our health is why I chose to specialise in the spine. I have been working with clients with back pain for over 10 years, have thousands of hours of hands-on experience and all my qualifications are in pursuit of helping you lead a life free of pain and injury. I love designing simple but highly effective sequences to manage the health of your back and spine.


I enjoy making yoga accessible for complete beginners, and intermediates looking for a better understanding of their body. I truly believe yoga is for everyone, not just the super bendy.

You don’t need to be able to do a handstand, crazy backbends or even touch your toes! All you need is to be a person with a body and you’re ready to go. For a class all I ask is that you can comfortably get up and down from the floor-I’ll do the rest.


I can’t wait to practise with you!





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 Flexibility for Beginners
Online class
Yoga Laddies
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Online class
Unwind the week 

“If you would seek health, look first to the spine”

- Socrates

What my students are saying


“Fi’s yoga classes are excellent. Whether you want to relax or are trying to get rid of knots. No need to worry if you cant’ do a pose as Fi is there to help and can offer adaptations if needed! The therapy ball class (Unwind workshop) is 100% worth it and it has been a lifesaver during lockdown! I can’t thank Fi enough for all her support.”


Fi’s online Retreat on Saturday 30th May was an absolute TREAT! Gentle stretching, yoga positions, massage techniques, meditation and a focus on breathing and some combined to make a relaxing, uplifting and inspirational afternoon. Fi’s preparation and presentation provided 2 hours of pleasure for those of us who were privileged to participate. Thank you Fi.


“Just joined one of Fi’s yoga classes via zoom – excellent class. Very relaxing with a lot of breathing too. Fi talks you through everything and gives lots of variations which is perfect for me. Would highly recommend 👍🏼 keep up the good work!”

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